#012: Why Now Is The Best Time To Start Freelancing

Hello, everybody, my name is Grace Locsin and I am the CEO and owner of surge marketplace that is our official name now. Welcome to the freelancing marketplace podcast. This is our 12th episode and I know I have not been dedicated to producing new content, my apologies for that I have been very busy with growing the business because I enrolled in masters in entrepreneurship. So my plate was full with all of the requirements and the submissions and applying it to the business. I’m happy that I learned a lot. It was a beautiful journey. And now that I’m done, I am here again. And I hope that you’re going to enjoy the topics that we’re going to be having here in the freelancing marketplace podcast. Again, this is a podcast dedicated to freelancers, marketers, and business owners and today we’re going to be discussing on why now is the best time to start freelancing. I’m going to be giving you five discussions on why is it important to be considering freelancing today. At the end of this episode, I’m going to be giving you also some takeaways and some learning points. So we can all enjoy and benefit from this topic that we have today in this podcast.

The freelancing industry or probably we’re going to call it online jobs or remote work or virtual assistance has been here as an industry for a long period of time, probably a decade at least. However, why do I think now is the best time to start freelancing? Allow me to give you five reasons.

And number one is we have a global crisis. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us suffering with the gas that’s going up there’s a recession in the horizon. There’s a war and this is actually caused by war between Ukraine and Russia and the whole scenario all over the globe. This has caused us some global crisis when it comes to the peso-dollar exchange rate and this is on top of the pandemic. However, because of this, this has also given opportunities for business owners to lower costs by moving into the digital world by moving into online preferences and online needs to serve their customers. And by going online, it’s good for the business because they might be able to limit costs. Yes, there are a lot of adjustments and that’s where freelancers can come in and serve clients, business owners, brands,  enterprises. So yes, there is a global crisis, unfortunately. But for freelancers, this is a good and high time to learn virtual assistants to upskill in different skills in order for us to work together with different business owners, and somehow elevate the pain in this global crisis. So now is the best time to do that. Because of course, you can earn with the exchange of services.  But at the same time, you are helping business owners in minimizing their costs may it be operational marketing or other costs. And you’re also able to help them transition from the traditional marketing into a little bit of digital or online marketing. So that’s one.

Another one is, of course, this has been here, the pandemic, we have been fighting COVID-19 in different variations. Now there has been the Delta variant, there are other viruses aside from that, the one that is deadly, there are also others that is just like the flu, however, it’s there, and it’s a threat. The good news for this is that yes, there are a lot of vaccinations, and it has given us some community protection and you know, families and kids and lives being protected because of the vaccine. However, it’s still there, and the threat is still there. So sometimes the cases will go up, it will go down, but it’s there. And why I mentioned that it’s high time to start freelancing just because of the global crisis where you can benefit while you’re working from home and also benefit as a business. But also because of the pandemic. It’s safer while you’re at home. It’s safer when you are working and have the flexibility and freedom and have the preferences in the choice where it’s safer for you where it’s a blessing for you where it’s a little bit healthier for you and the people that you love. So the pandemic is there. However, because of freelancing, you can make choices that’s beneficial for you and your family.

The third reason why it’s the best time to start freelancing is of course, because of the global crisis, the US dollar and Philippine peso exchange rate is a little bit beneficial for freelancers. Unfortunately, it’s going to continue over the next few quarters of the year. That’s what experts are predicting. So in order for you to benefit from this and not be a victim of the high commodities, you know, prices of gas going up, the fare will go up, the operations will go up and the cost will go up. So that means there will also be an increase of prices. And that affects everybody as consumers. That means that the probably favorite burger is going to be smaller our fries is going to be in a smaller content. And you know, that’s sad. However, again, when we are Weiss and dealing with all of this crisis, we can benefit in the dollar peso exchange rate by becoming a freelancer. However, by becoming a freelancer, Of course, there are also other industries that will benefit from the US dollar peso exchange rate situation. There are the OFWs or the Overseas Filipino workers and other industries who are benefiting from this situation. But freelancers are also one industry and group of people who can benefit from this. So if you want to go and be a little bit safer, financially, go and start freelancing today, this is the best time to start freelancing.

Another one is, of course, it’s very obvious though freedom and flexibility in freelancing, a lot of people are into the great resignation in the US and a lot of people are not wanting to the call for return to office. Why is that because during the pandemic, we have been stuck at home, the lockdown opened our eyes that it’s actually better, there’s more love and affection that we can benefit from our family and quality time when there’s freedom flexibility when we’re working from home. So to work from home setup is actually good for our mental health, good for our relationships, good for our physical health, basically good for everything. So you can work anytime you want. As long as the productivity is there, as long as you’re generating value, you’re generating valuable content output in a work. And that’s a question anymore in today’s age, because it has been proven by a lot of research that yes, there is productivity in the work from home setup, there are apps, there are platforms that you can use, there are different types of human resource management tools that you can use in order to ensure productivity and output and quality and excellence, right and also employment were maybe even employment satisfaction. So this is a good time or the best time to start freelancing because there are a lot of prices going on. So us benefiting freedom and experiencing flexibility is really good for us mentally, physically, relationship wise and overall as persons or as human beings. It’s good when there is more freedom and flexibility in the way that we earn and the way that we work.

Number five, and this is the last one and probably not a whole lot of people are expecting on this sustainability in freelancing. Yes, I’m going to say there is sustainability and freelancing not just on the green part. We are adopting corporate social responsibility of becoming green. This is why a lot of people are transitioning into you know how to process their product lines and their supply chain. So the whole operation is more sustainable. It’s good for the environment, but also when we’re talking about is freelancing sustainable when it comes to income. Yes, why? Because freelancing is the future of work, because of what’s going on around a lot of businesses and a lot of government entities enterprises, is going to really go digital. It’s the most efficient way it’s the most profitable way when one can transition properly. That means there’s more work coming in freelancing making freelancing, the most sustainable opportunity we can embrace later on. And of course, when we’re talking about sustainability, while helping the environment by lessening gas, we’re helping the environment by not using so much activities that will lead towards creating a lot of garbage. And of course, when it comes to us, health wise I mentioned it earlier, there’s more freedom there’s more flexibility so we could be more sustainable, we’re not so much stress and sick and having all of this disease after 20 years after 30 years, just because we were embracing sustainable ways for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. So I hope this has helped you when it comes to considering freelancing today.

I have given you five reasons why now is the best time to start freelancing. If you’d like to know how you can connect with us and start freelancing, connect with us in our different social media sites, subscribe to our channels and get connected with us at surge marketplace. So those are the five reasons why you need to start considering freelancing and why now is the best time to really start freelancing.

For our key takeaway, please allow me to share this quote right from one of my professors from the Asian Institute of Management, Professor Rene Domingo you can go ahead and check out all of his insights in facebook.com/RTDinsights, again, that’s RTD insights and one of his quotes that he shared and this can be our key learning takeaway that we’re going to be using at the end of this podcast is that “All success comes from making a difference in the lives of others by doing something different”. That’s really deep. And again, his Facebook page is facebook.com/rtdinsights. Again, I’m going to read the quote, “all success comes from making a difference in the lives of others”. So if we’re not making a difference in the lives of others, it’s not that successful. If we are not helping our clients, it’s not that successful, we may be earning a lot. If we are not making a difference in the lives of our families, we’re not that successful. And all of that when we’re helping our clients as freelancers when we are business owners or marketers, and we’re helping freelancers, if all of that, the whole activity just for money and fame and fortune and all of that, and not making a difference in the lives of people. That’s not real success. And we can start doing something different. It might be in our lives, it might be waking up early, it might be reading a book, it might be getting out of our comfort zone, it might be attending classes, it might be upskilling, or maybe a part of a coaching or community, whatever program or whatever actions we may be taking, it starts by not doing the same thing. But by doing something different.

That would be all for this episode. I hope that you’re happy to be getting back all of this content from the freelancing marketplace podcast again. I am very much happy to be back. And I’m looking forward to our next episodes on current events that are relevant to you and in the freelancing marketplace. Feel free to comment and make sure that you have subscribed, and let everyone know what’s happening here by leveraging themselves into the freelancing industry by also connecting with us and listening to this podcast. Thank you very much for listening. Until our next episode. Bye and God bless you all.

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