Julmar Grace Locsin is the Owner & CEO of FVA Business Consultancy Corporation. FVA offers online job courses to freelancers, virtual assistance services to brands and businesses, and franchising opportunities. Its very mission is Equipping Freelancers; Empowering Marketers, and Enabling Businesses through its Academy, Services, and Franchising.

It is offering at least 30 plus courses in their FVA Academy, including at least 15 Franchising courses having territories all over the Philippines, the United States, Japan, Italy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and the United Arab Emirates. It has trained more than 20,000 freelancers and has been providing services to thousands of its customers over the past 4 years and endeavors, and targeting to train 1 million freelancers in the next 10 years.

Julmar Grace Locsin is also known as a kingdom entrepreneur, freelancing thought leader, a woman in a mission, a resource speaker, and a writer. She recently introduced Surge Digital Agency, an FVA Business Consultancy Corporation company. It is the world’s first one-stop freelancing marketplace providing online courses, online services, and freelancing solutions.

"Don't limit yourself, freelancing is the fastest route to success, and don't stop dreaming big dreams."

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